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We’re proud to be affiliated with various networks and federations dedicated to advancing mental health awareness and support. These partnerships strengthen our commitment to better advocacy.

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EUFAMI - European Federation of Associations of Families of People with Mental Illness

The MHA is affiliated with EUFAMI (European Federation of Associations of Families of people with Mental Ilness). EUFAMI was founded in 1992 after a congress, which took place in 1990 in De Haan, Belgium, where carers from all over Europe shared their experiences of helplessness and frustration when living with severe mental illness. They resolved to work together to help both themselves and the people they cared for. Mrs Connie Magro is currently serving as Vice President on the EUFAMI Board of Directors.

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Malta Federation of Organisations Persons with
Disability (MFOPD)

The Malta Federation of Organisations Persons with Disability was founded in 1970 to be the national representative, in both local and international fora, for the Maltese disability sector. It is constituted from the active non-governmental organisations working in the disability sector and from persons and corporations who are directly and/or indirectly linked to the disability sector in Malta.

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Malta Health Network (MHN)

The Malta Health Network (MHN) promotes the health-related interests of patients and the wider community by updating itself about international ‘best practices’ and ‘capacity-building’. The MHN achieves this through its regular contacts with local and international health-related Governmental Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, ‘Not-for-Profit’ Organisations and Patient Representative Groups.

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SJAF - The St Jeanne Antide Foundation

The St Jeanne Antide Foundation’s (SJAF) mission is fulfilled by a community of Sisters and lay people working in partnership systematically in teams for the support and self-empowerment of socially excluded persons, families and minority groups. As a Christian community, it aims to reflect the love of God in all that is done. The MHA and SJAF often manage joint projects together and continue to reach a large number of families within the community.

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