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We’ve joined forces with dedicated relatives and carers, and talented writers to create insightful books on mental health care. Explore our collaborative works, each offering a unique perspective into the world of mental well-being, in the Maltese language.

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Bdoti fil-Maltemp

Dan il-ktieb hu frott ta’ ħidma mill-qrib ma’ mijiet ta’ qraba-carers li ġejna f’kuntatt magħhom fil-ħidma ta’ kuljum tagħna.

Ktieb utli maħruġ bi sħab mill-Mental Health Association (Malta) u s-St Jeanne Antide Foundation.

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Il-Kwiekeb fid-Dlam Jixeghlu

Stars Shine Brightly in The Dark

Two local NGOs working in the field of mental health, namely, the Mental Health Association Malta and the St Jeanne Antide Foundation, have together published a book specifically for the relatives of persons with mental health problems.

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