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Our mission

This association recognises the crucial role relatives have in the care of mentally-ill individuals and believes in working with them to improve their quality of life and that of their loved ones.

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  • Educate relatives of the mentally ill and the general public to counteract ignorance and misinformation about mental illnesses.
  • Support family carers, catering to their specific needs.
  • Combat the stigma associated with mental illness, facilitating the integration of service users into society.
  • Advocate for the enhancement of health and social care for individuals with mental health problems and champion the interests of family members.

Our Services

We seek to inform and train family members in all aspects of mental health including problem-solving skills, recognising signs and symptoms of mental illness, communication skills with the patient and the professional carer and the importance of taking care of themselves.

These educational services are offered by the association in the form of:

Annual Courses

Conferences on Mental Health

Educational Discussions & participatory sessions in schools, places of work, radio & TV programs.

Publication of Mental Health Books

Screening of Mental Health-related Films.

Community Support Services to Families

This service is delivered in collaboration with the St Jeanne Antide Foundation

Our Initiatives

The Association embarks on a lot of initiatives to combat the stigma face by the mentally-ill and their carers. It also engages in discussions with various stakeholders including policy-makers to identify the unmet needs in the sector and  to promote its recommendations, such as:

  1. Recognise family caregivers as “partners in care”.
  2. Advocate for family carers’ needs assessments to support them in this challenging role.
  3. Increase and make respite care services easily accessible, including to those severely affected.
  4. Ensure community services are well-staffed and funded.
  5. Introduce a Quality Assurance system for services in the mental health sector, with the involvement of service users and their representatives.
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