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Leadership Opportunity: Operations Manager

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🌟 Leadership Opportunity: Operations Manager at the Mental Health Association 🌟  

Join us at the Mental Health Association of Malta in a vital role that supports our mission to empower families and enhance mental health care. As our Operations Manager, you’ll play a key role in implementing strategic decisions, leading advocacy efforts, and managing our operations.  

🔹 Implement significant strategies and projects  

🔹 Flexible working hours in a dynamic team environment  

🔹 Competitive salary with an indefinite contract and a 3-month probation period  

Ready to make a significant impact in mental health? Apply now to be part of our mission-driven team!  

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MHA Mission: Empowering families and improving lives within the mental health community.  

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General Purpose: 

Execute the MHA Board’s decisions, overseeing the operations, advocacy efforts, and strategic direction of the Mental Health Association of Malta to promote mental health awareness and support.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities:

– Execute administrative and operational functions as directed by the MHA Board, ensuring efficiency and alignment with strategic goals.

– Lead advocacy campaigns to raise mental health awareness, influence policy, and engage stakeholders.

– Develop and execute high-quality proposals for funding and project management, targeting both national and European opportunities.

– Facilitate key meetings, preparing agendas, documenting proceedings, and ensuring effective communication and decision-making.

– Oversee financial operations with the support of an accountant, including budgeting, financial reporting, and monitoring expenditures.

– Collaborate with marketing and communications experts to develop strategies that enhance the Association’s public profile and digital presence.

– Plan and manage events, projects, and initiatives in line with advocacy goals and organizational objectives.

– Maintain a strong web presence for MHA by preparing productions such as features, news and regular website updating on MHA activities, including interventions on other public media

Key Competencies:

– Preferably a degree in psychology, social work, or a related field, with a strong focus on advocacy.

– Demonstrated leadership in administrative roles within a non-profit or advocacy-driven organization.

– Expertise in strategic planning, project management, and proposal writing, with a successful track record in securing funding and project management.

– Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, capable of motivating teams and engaging a broad range of stakeholders.

– Financial management skills, with the ability to oversee budgets and financial planning with accountant support.

– Strong digital literacy, especially in social media management, digital marketing, and public relations, to effectively promote advocacy campaigns and initiatives.

Financial Remuneration:

– Full-time position, 40 hours per week, with flexibility to review hours as needed.

– Working hours tailored to organizational needs.

– Competitive salary package based on experience and qualifications, including professional development opportunities.

– Indefinite contract with a 3-month probation period.

Interested candidates should express their interest by sending an email with a signed cover letter and a curriculum vitae to by 17:00 on Monday 22 April 2024.

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